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 NPS Photo

NPS Photo

Breeding Wolves: The family that preys together, stays together?

Media coverage of our paper looking at impacts of breeder loss on wolf packs and populations (Borg et al. 2014. Journal of Animal Ecology)

Nature World News: Wolf Populations are Unfazed by Individual Breeder Deaths

Red Orbit: Loss Of A Breeding Wolf Can Be Devastating, But Does Not Always Spell Doom For The Pack

KUAC: Study Shows Single Wolf Death Can Impact Entire Pack

Science Wolf mother deaths threaten pack survival but not population

Death by Moonlight

 Collared brown lemur,  Eulemur fulvus collaris  (photo: Luke Dollar)

Collared brown lemur, Eulemur fulvus collaris (photo: Luke Dollar)

Media coverage of our paper on the response of mammals to moonlight (Prugh, LR and CD Golden. 2014. Journal of Animal Ecology )

Inside Science, Scientific American: Nocturnal Animals Take Chances On Moonlit Dinners

ScienceDaily, Science Codex:  Death by moonlight? Not always

Astrobiology Magazine: Moonlight and Mortality

Alaska Dispatch: Moonlight may hold keys to circadian rhythms in the North

Aeon Magazine: Moonstruck: The lunar phases influence all sorts of creatures from corals to eagle owls. Does the moon tug on human behaviour too?

Harvard Gazette: New insight on wild nights


Wall Street Journal (2012): Welcome Back, Wolves. Staying for Dinner?

New York Times (2010): Even living among us, coyotes remain a mystery

 Jason Holley

Jason Holley