Lab retreat 2014

Lab retreat 2014

Laura Prugh, Associate Professor of Quantitative Wildlife Sciences

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Research interests:  multi-species conservation and management, population and community dynamics, ecological restoration, conservation of fragmented populations, noninvasive genetics


  • Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California Berkeley

  • Postdoctoral Researcher, University of British Columbia

  • PhD (2005), University of British Columbia

  • BA (1996), Earlham College



Becca Windell, PhD Student


Research Interests: conservation behavior, intraguild interactions, movement, noninvasive genetics, carnivore-livestock conflict, wildlife ecology

Dissertation: Suppression and facilitation dynamics of mesocarnivore populations in response to apex predator presence

Funding: National Science Foundation


  • BS Wildlife Biology (2016), Colorado State University

  • MS (2019), Colorado State University


Taylor Ganz, PhD Student


Research Interests: multi-species ecology and conservation science, particularly as relevant to public lands management in the American West. 

Dissertation: Wolf-Ungulate interactions in Washington State

Funding: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife


  • BA Physics (2009), Lewis and Clark College

  • BS Mechanical Engineering (2010), The University of Southern California

  • MESc (2017), The Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

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Katie Breen, MS Student


Research Interests: conservation science in a changing climate, and using remote sensing to study biodiversity and wildlife 

Thesis: Evaluating camera traps as ground-based remote sensing networks linking snow and wildlife

Funding: Erasmus global mobility grant, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences


  • BA Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (2015), Princeton University


Ellie Reese, Genetics Lab Manager

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Research Interests: Morphological and genetic species identification, noninvasive genetic monitoring of endangered species for conservation purposes, PCR design and optimization.


  • MSc (2015), UC San Diego, Biology

  • BSc (2014), UC San Diego, Biology (Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution)


Mira Sytsma, MSc Student

Research Interests: Modeling, quantifying, and understanding changes in terrestrial wildlife activity and occupancy in response to human interactions, climate change, and succession due to deglaciation. 

Thesis: Impacts of tour boat shore excursions on terrestrial wildlife in Glacier Bay National Park

EducationBS Environmental Science (2014) University of Oregon

Funding: National Park Service


Peter Mahoney, Postdoctoral Researcher

I am a conservation ecologist with a keen interest in research pertaining to animal movement and space use, particularly as they relate to multi-species interactions and predator-prey processes.  I am currently a researcher with the Animals on the Move team, a NASA-funded ABoVE collaboration, where we are tasked with developing insights into how climate change and variability (past and future) will influence movements and space use in arctic and boreal forest vertebrates, such as Dall sheep, moose, wolves, and brown bears.

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  • PhD, Ecology (2016) Utah State University

  • MSc, Wildlife Sciences (2011) Auburn University

  • BA, Biology (2001) New College of Florida

Funding: NASA ABoVE

Jiake Zhou, PhD student (UAF)


Research Interests: How climate change affects adaptive capacity of communities through changes in landscape and interactions of plants and wildlife.

EducationBS in Resource Conservation, University of Montana

Dissertation: Climate-induced changes to shrub and moose distributions in northern Alaska: implications for subsistence communities



Lab Alumni


Kelly Williams, Genetics Lab Manager (2019)

Madelon van de Kerk, Postdoctoral Researcher (2018)

Postdoctoral researcher, Bringham Young University


Mitch Parsons, MS (2018)

Wildlife biologist, Institute for Wildlife Studies

ThesisTrophic relationships of reintroduced fishers in the South Cascades


Kaija Klauder, MS (2018)

Wolf technician, Denali National Park

Thesis: Scavenging dynamics and habitat use of wolves and mesocarnivores in Denali National Park



Nicolas Deguines, Postdoctoral Researcher (2017)

Postdoctoral researcher, University of Paris-Sud


Bridget Borg, PhD (2015)

Wildlife Biologist, Denali National Park and Preserve

Dissertation: Effects of harvest on wolf social structure, population dyamics, and viewing opportunities in national parks



Casey Pozzanghera, MSc (2015)

Regional Wildlife Biologist, Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Thesis: Non-invasive methods for obtaining occupancy probabilities and density estimates of interior Alaska's mesocarinvore populations


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Kelly Sivy, MSc (2015)

Contract Biologist, Fairbanks

Thesis: Direct and indirect effects of wolves on interior Alaska's mesopredator community


Ross Dorendorf, MSc (2015)

Wildlife Biologist, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Thesis: Motivations and drivers of trapper catch per unit effort in Alaska


Matt Mumma, Postdoctoral Researcher (2015)

Postdoctoral Researcher, Princeton University